Knowledge Is Power

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What does it mean?

Its seems today everything is built off of knowledge and hard work. A companies success is built off of informaiton. Knowledge is Power is an idea where were people can share there knowledge with others, and recieve knowledge back. The idea is someone can post an idea or survey information to gather information that they need for a certain project. Then other users can respond to the request to earn points, which can later be spent to open there own questions. The information could be gathered in multiple ways including a survey, questions, or open response.

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Use Case #1 User: Answering a question
Description: A user will search a list till they find something that they have knowledge about or a topic that interests them. If there are conditions the user needs to meet they will answer the questions to see if they will qualify. Once qualified they are able to answer the questions or provide information to help the poster. Once completed points will be added to there user profile.

Use Case #2 User: Posting a question
Description: The user must have points available to post a question. The user selects they want to post a question. The application will ask the user what type of question they want to ask, whether it is a survey, open answer, or multiple choice. The user can then create the question with help from the application depending on what choice they selected. The poster then waits for answers to come in. Once the poster feels they have enough responses or the allowed time is met the post is closed and the user can view all of the information. They can either view all of the information as a whole or by individual users. The information can also be seperated based on the answer's profile such as age, locations, and gender. The question can have restrictions for people who answer. This